Join the Sandville Self Help Foundation on this incredible journey to summit Mt Kenya at 4985m.

Mount Kenya, the highest of all Kenya mountains is a ‘twin-peaked’ volcanic spike and Africa’s second highest mountain at 5199m. The main summits are separated by a col – the ‘gate of the mists’ – and can only be reached by technical climbers. The subsidiary summit and our goal on this challenge is to summit Point Lenana at 4985m, offering magnificent views across to Mount Kilimanjaro at dawn.

It’s a heavyweight duel between the two tallest mountains in Africa. Kilimanjaro just across the border in Tanzania, narrowly wins the height contest at 5,896m. But for hiking, Mt Kenya is the undisputed champion, with quiet trails and beautiful, untouched wilderness.

We ascend Mt Kenya from the north along the remote Timau route, famous for its spectacular and varied scenery, we pass through forest that is home to elephant and buffalo, en-route to our idyllic camps. We make our final ascent of Lenana, 4895m from Icy Mikes Camp, on our snow-covered trail. We then have a 2-day ascent via the Sirimon route which offers a beautiful conclusion to our Mount Kenya traverse.

Optional 2 safari can also be added after the trek.